Working hour Mon to Sun 9:30am 10pm

I provide male to male , M2M, M4M,man for man, man to man ,gay ,sensual full body oil massage service. welcome to book in advance.please call 0470343635 to book my massage service now.

Full Body oil massage

Quiet with slow music

Pressure removal

Clean Towels



60mins 90$

90mins 130$

120mins 160$

Professional Massage with natural oil

I have more than 8 years' remedial massage and therapeutic massage experiences. I provide Chinese/Thai combined full body oil sensual massage.

I use high quality, organic olive massage oils

From top to toe on massage table

Retreat yourself to the relaxing and healing Asian style in a dedicated massager table which support more than 150kg. I will use my soft hand to touch each piece of your skin from your head to your feet.

Private Shower Air conditioner Heater

In a very quiet tidy apartment , I always keep the temperate in a super comfortable degree which make your body responds well. I also prepare clean Fresh Towels for each customer.

About me

Hi, I am Jack who is waiting for you to book my service

Offering Deep And Full Body Massage  with a Sensual Touch.

I do whole body Relaxing, Deep tissue and Sensual massage in one session, Very relaxing, rejuvenating, sensual and calming. Relax your body and mind with my awesome, talented and sensual hands. Massage can be performed in gentle, firm and/or deep pressure to...


I am a passionate and caring Qualified Therapist with more than 8 years experience. I am Available for your specific needs either for Pain / Injury Management, Stress Reduction, Anti-Depressant / Anxiety and Tension Release. 

My specialties include a combination therapy of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Relaxation, Sensual and Thai/Chinese massage to bring you an overwhelming feeling of calmness, whilst addressing any soreness, reduced motion, on a holistic level.  I take a considered approach to my work that allows you to simply surrender and have every part of your body relaxed and eased with my powerful tension busting hands.


I enjoy working naked with my client's  and I treat all  with the utmost respect and equally. Touching is allowed.


Contact phone:0470343635